Rules and Etiquette

Including a Comprehensive Guide to the New Rules of Golf



All events are governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and locally adopted rules. Carry a rule book with you.

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1. Only a competitive member of the Pebblebrook Lady Niners may compete for prize money. (Bylaws) $2 sweeps are mandatory, and the game of the day is listed on the website and posted at the golf course. Sweeps monies are paid out each week to the winners in each flight based on handicap. Monies go into your account and will show up as a credit balance until you use the money, either to pay for a round of golf or purchase items at any of the pro shops. If a non-member is interested in joining, she may play three times without paying sweeps. Then she must join the league to continue playing either as a competitive or non-competitive member.

2. Handicaps are established based on five scorecards handed in for Tuesday weekly competition or any other attested play on sanctioned AWGA courses. Until a handicap is posted, a member is eligible for low putts competition only.

3. Two scorecards will be kept, one for weekly competition, handicaps, sinkers and birdies, the other for comparison/correctness.

4. Each player should call out her score upon leaving the green. Cards should be marked at the next teeing area. Upon completion of play, each player should check her gross score for accuracy, make handicap adjustments as needed, sign and date card. Be sure Rec. Card No. and stroke control No. appear beneath player’s name. When all members of foursome have signed, place cards in the appropriate slot in 9ers box located on the table next to the computer in Pro Shop. Any mistakes or omissions will automatically disqualify the player involved. Consult the Rule Book in the Pro Shop for any unresolved play or penalty.

5. All strokes, whiffs, and penalties count toward your score.

6. In Sand Traps and all hazards or any red staked area, the club may not be grounded. You may check to determine which ball is yours if various balls are in a trap. There is a two-stroke penalty for hitting the wrong ball.

7. Thru-the-green: If you hit a competitors ball by mistake, return the ball to its original spot and take a 2 stroke penalty. On the putting green: If your ball hits another ball or any equipment or person while putting, take a 2 stroke penalty.

8. When a player is near a pond (water hazard) where swans appear menacing, a player is allowed to take two club lengths relief no nearer to the hole.

9. Because of the length of time to finish a game on this course, a rule was established that at 12 strokes, a player is encouraged to pick up her ball and mark a “W” on the scorecard (withdraw) for that hole and finish the remaining round. The player would not be eligible for sweeps that day.

10.  We have adopted one local club rule: Out of Bounds:  you have two options:  Bring the ball onto the fairway by two club lengths in line with the location out of bounds.This is a 2 stroke penalty (From a t-shot, you would be hitting 4); You may also hit a provisional ball, however, if you do, you are not eligible to use the first option.  You must play the provisional ball the remainder of the hole.



Entry in the two annual scrambles requires an established Handicap (Rule #2 above).



1. Player is responsible for checking for her tee time posted on the website or at Pro Shop or by phone (623-546-6044) prior to day of play.
2. Player must notify Pro Shop 1 hour prior if unable to play.
3. Check-in should be at least 20 minutes ahead of tee time and greens fee and sweeps for the day’s event paid at the counter.
4. At the beginning of play, tell all in your foursome the brand of ball you are playing to eliminate duplicates.
5. Do not change your ball until the next tee area unless it is badly damaged, and announce that change.
6. Play “ready golf” at all times, whether on the tee, fairway or green, to speed up play. Have continuous putting if at all possible without walking on someone’s line of putt.
7. Rake sand traps after your shot and replace rake inside trap with handle pointing back at the tee.
8. Do not talk or whisper when someone is addressing her ball anywhere. Never stand in front or in back of a player.
9. Mark your ball on the green when it is close to the hole or in someone’s line of putt. Do not wait to be asked to mark. Do wait to be asked to re-mark your ball (some use markers as guides).
10. Repair ball marks on putting green, and be careful not to scuff greens when walking. Repair any scuff marks after putting.
11. Do not pull carts between sand traps and greens or leave carts in front of greens. Go around and park carts on side or back of greens. Keep pull carts 15 feet away from greens.

Comprehensive Guide to the New Rules of Golf

2019 is the target year for the USGA to make some major changes in the rules of golf.  They are asking for input and suggestions from golfers around the world. Click the button below to have your voice heard!

Here is some additional information from the Rec. Center News!

There is a lot of talk about the proposed golf rule changes.  There are a lot of people asking for clarification on these changes and are they in effect now?

The first link is the USGA web page outlining and explaining all the new rules set to go into effect 1/1/19.  The other are some links that will enlighten you on what all the talk is about and the proposed changes.