About Our Club

We play every Tuesday during the year, so be sure to sign up for future T-times before going out to play. We have both morning and afternoon T-times.  T-times are blocked out by end of the day Tuesday, so you must sign up for afternoon T-times two weeks prior!  We do not have a paid monitor, so if you forget to sign up, please follow the procedures outlined below. Please, DO NOT put yourself into a time slot that will make a threesome follow a foursome!  If you are unable to play one week and want to sign up to play on a subsequent week, you can find The “Niner” T-time sign up book located on the stand next to the computer in the Pro Shop.

Sign up for a tee time:

 If you need to sign up for a tee time, please find an empty tee time on the website (the slot will have the word “BLOCKED”),  then go to the pro shop at Pebblebrook and ask that they put you in for that time.  Please look in the back of “the book” for a permission slip, fill out the information and give it to them and get your tee time. 

As a courtesy, please send the monitor an email advising her that you are playing and the tee time you are scheduled for. 


If you need to cancel a tee time, please go to the Pebblebrook pro shop and tell them you need to cancel your tee time.  Send the monitor for that week an email letting her know you cancelled.

There will be two envelopes in the BACK of the book with the permission slips.  One from Ingried and one from Linda.  Use the appropriate one.  Thank you for helping us keep a volunteer monitor.


In addition to greens fees, we pay $2 for sweeps which are awarded to winners in each flight for the “Game of the Day”. Sweeps winnings are posted to your rec. card account and can be used to purchase items in the pro shop or applied to your golf fees.

Game of the Day weekly winners and Handicaps are posted on the website.  They are posted on the bulletin board. as well. (Handicaps come out the 1st and 15th of every month.). When playing Pebblebrook, use the number under Course Handicap (either red or green); the Handicap Index is for use when you play at another course.

Fun Days:

We have two “fun day” competitions per year. On these days, please wear your Pebblebrook logo shirt. The Tournament Chair chooses an amusing game and makes up teams which are assigned the day of play.

Frost Delays:

During winter months, be sure to call 623-544-6175 to check if there is a frost delay. To receive text messages regarding frost delays:
Text: 555888
In the body of the text, type scwfrost

For tournament competition, we wear Pebblebrook Lady Niners logo shirts.  These shirts can be ordered from Betty Coyne. Order forms are located in the PB Niners book at the clubhouse.  They are also available by clicking the button below:


Pebblebrook Golf Course
18836 N. 128th Ave.
Sun City West, AZ 85375

Tel. No. (623) 544-6010

Pebblebrook Golf Course Map